Cleaning The Furnace

One of the best things about electric furnaces is that they are easy to maintain and are able to operate efficiently. But only if you take proper care of it. There are many different things that you an do to make sure that you are cleaning it and keeping it in the proper running order.


When it comes to cleaning the furnace your biggest enemy and worry should be dirt. Dirt has the ability to waste away fuel and lower the efficiency at which it works at. In fact this is the one thing that can dramatically affect all of the three major components that make up the furnace. Because of this you want to make sure that you clean it on a regular basis. These parts that should be cleaned are the system, blower, and filter.

The filter is important because it helps to keep the air clean. You should replace it or simply clean it during the beginning of the season in which it will be used most and once a month during that time. When checking the filter all you need to do is remove it, hold it close to the light, and see if it is clogged.

If you think that it is beyond any type of cleaning then it is time to get a new filter. Make sure that you measure it so as to get the proper size. It is easier to use the disposable furnace filters – which are made with a cardboard frame and fiber mesh. There will be a simple arrow that will tell you which way it fits into the furnace.

If you want to save more money though and do not mind the clean-up then you can always choose the permanent filter. These are sprayed with a special filter coating chemical that can be found at most hardware stores or home stores. The directions from the manufacturer will tell you the best way to keep it clean.


Sometimes the part that needs to be cleaned is the blower. This is very easy to clean except that it is quite time consuming. In order to clean it you have to take about the blower and motor housing and clean all of the necessary parts. Sometimes the panel in front of the blower can be easily slide out of its holdings or you may have to unscrew it.