Electric Vs. Propane Furnace

There are many different types of furnaces that people are able to use. The two most common types include electric and propane furnaces. These both serve to heat the home – but they are very different in the way that they function and how they are able to heat the home efficiently. In order to decide which one you are able to use you first need to be able to compare the two and decide for yourself what would be best to use.

How They Work

In order to understand the main difference between the two of these you must first be able to know exactly how they work and function. Propane furnaces run through the use of propane fuel – which must be purchased at the beginning of the cold weather. This fuel can cost you thousands of dollars each year and will usually last through the whole winter.

In order for the fuel to burn it requires a flame to be turned on. This is a tricky process and when not done properly could cause serious damage to the home and the person trying to turn it on. The pilot light is what will indicate whether or not the furnace is on or not. The downside to using propane fuel is that it releases toxins into the air as it burns which many believe is the cause for indoor pollution.

Electric furnaces function through the use of electricity. They do not require the use of any type of fuel – but function through wires and chords. It can still cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each year to use it unless you are using it efficiently. The only downside to this is that when the power goes out you have lost your heat source.


The price for these two different furnaces are very similar. They both require a certain amount of money in order to function and the overall cost to purchase them. However, the installation process for the electric furnace is much easier and if you think you are able to handle it than you might be able to do it without calling a professional.