How Efficient Are Electric Furnaces

There are many different types of appliances that we are able to choose from and use when trying to heat our home during the cold winter months. It is important that we find something that is able to heat up each room in the home and to keep us comfortable – but not to run up a high bill at the same time. For some people they feel that it is easiest and more efficient to use an electric furnace.

When you compare the electric furnace to the propane furnaces that are more commonly used in the north you can see a huge difference in the efficiency of them both. Electric furnaces do not require any amount of fuel – but (as the name implies) functions solely through the use of electricity. This is not only easier but also safer because it does not require a pilot light or any fuel which contains toxins that when released in the air can cause pollution.

Improper Usage

One of the biggest problems that people might have when trying to use their electric furnace efficiently is the amount of heat that they think they need. This is the same during the summer when someone uses the AC. They begin to fiddle back and forth with it and confuse it so that it will never know when to shut off.

Instead of constantly changing the temperature try to keep it on one thing. Every now and then this can be changed – but in order to save money it needs to stay the same the majority of the time.

Clean It

One way that you are able to make sure that your electric furnace is able to work efficiently at all times is to keep it clean and well maintained. Any broken part to it or dirty filter will slow it down. The filter especially must be changed out on a regular basis. When the filter is too dirty it will cause the furnace to work extra hard in order to keep the air flowing properly.