How To Check For Problems

Electric furnaces are great to have in your home because they are efficient and can work great for years before you start to have problems. However, there are those simple few that may decide to not work properly either because they were not taken care of properly or because they were not manufactured properly. Whatever the reason is we are here to help you work through it and try to find and fix the problem.

We are going to start off by informing you to never try to repair any problems that have to deal with any of the electrical wires or other components, relays, heating elements, or transformers. It is best to let the professionals handle this so as not to make the problem worse or even electrocute yourself in the process. Instead we want to focus on certain problems you may have and the simple way to try to fix them.

Furnace Doesn‘t Run

This could be because there is no power, the switch is off, or the motor has been overloaded. First you will want to check to see if there are any fuses that have blown or if the circuit breaker has been tripped in any way. If so you can restore the circuit. Obviously if the power switch is off you can easily turn it back on. If the motor has been overloaded then you need to wait around thirty minutes to an hour and press the reset button. This may need to be done several times to work.

Furnace Switches On And Off

This could be caused by a dirty filter, because the blower is clogged, or because the motor an blower are not lubricated enough. If so you can easily clean or replace the filter, lubricate the parts, or clean the blower and its parts.

Furnace Is Not Letting Out Enough Heat

If you notice that your house is not receiving the amount of heat that it needs then you could find it is several problems. These problems will each need to be done individually and carefully so as not to confuse any necessary parts and to put things back together correctly.

  • Thermostat is too low – increase the thermostat by 5°
  • Dirty filter – clean or replace filter
  • Clogged blower – clean blower and the necessary parts
  • The registers are blocked or closed – open each of the registers and make sure they are not blocked by anything
  • System is not balanced – re-balance it
  • Loose belt in blower – adjust or simply replace the belt
  • Faulty element – you need to let a professional fix this