Industrial Electric Furnace

There are two main types of electric furnaces; those that are used inside of residential homes and business and those used for industrial purposes. An industrial electric furnace – also known as a direct fired heater – functions to provide heat for a particular process. In most cases it works as a reactor.

The way that they are designed may differ depending on what they are used for, how well they need to heat, what fuel they will use, and the type of method used for combustion air. There are many similarities between most designs though that makes them very unique to each other.

These industrial electric furnaces are able to work as the fuel inside of the furnace travels into the burner. When in there it will burn with the air that it receives from the blower. It is possible to have more than just one burner on an industrial furnace so that it is able to work harder and loner. These different burners are placed around the furnace in cells.

These cells will be able to heat a specific set of tubes as it works. The burners might also be placed onto the floor, roof, or any other place that is convenient for them and helps them to work more efficiently. The flames are used to warm the tubes up and heat the fluid that is inside of the top section of the furnace – the radiant section.

It is here that the combustion will occur. Combustion is when heat is transferred through the radiation tubes and around the fire inside of the chamber. The heating fluid will then travel through the tubes and bring it to the heat you want it to be at. At this time there will be gases emitted from the combustion known as flue gas.